Biocide with very hot water

Foamstream has been approved for use as a biocide ( Kills virus ) by the EU. Deep Clean & Sanitisation with very hot water.
That’s why we have always promoted the efficacy of the Foamstream method as a deep cleaning and sanitisation tool in addition to being a leading weed control system.  Independent lab studies we have commissioned show Foamstream to have a highly powerful viricidal effect at controlling potentially life-threatening viruses like Hepatitis C.  Although we don’t have any conclusive testing with regard to Coronavirus (Covid-19) yet, (it is planned), we are confident that the principle of applying extreme heat to the virus will help reduce its transmission in outside spaces such as:

– Bus stops
– Hospital congregation areas e.g. car parks, smoking areas etc.
– Supermarket car parks and parking machines
– Public space furniture and toilets
– Playgrounds and public exercise and sports facilities

Many of our customers are asking if Foamstream can be used in these areas and the answer is yes.  We recommend using it on a daily basis because we believe it can help reduce the transmission of viruses.  Click here to download our supporting document that outlines our position on Foamstream’s deep cleaning and sanitisation capabilities.
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