Killing weeds under snow?

This photo really shows how well Foamstreeam insulating foam blanket can hold in the heat. You can see there was enough heat produced to melt the snow and still kill the underlying vegetation.

Foamstream advanced computer controlled duel hot waterheater is designed to maintain the heat at the head of the lance. Foamstream’spatent foam blanket then contains the heat much longer than other thermalsystems like steam. The longer lasting heat then has time to penetrate theleaf’s waxy outer layer and travel down the stem and into the roots. Thisseverely damages the plant, either killing it or causing it to die back. Thelonger lasting heat also reduces regrowth by sterilizing the seeds and spores.


    1. What is the foaming agent, what chemicals?

      • The crucial part of our patented Foamstream process is our biodegradable foam that is made from natural plant oils and sugars. We are just waiting for the Australian approval to be completed but most countries that has had the foam tested come back with the answer “Foamstream does not require Environmental agency approval”. It is approved in many countries for organic farms and for use around waterways. Remember that the heat kills the plant and the foam is only for insulation of the hot water.

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