Glastonbury Town Council

Client: Glastonbury Town Council, Somerset.

Sector: Councils and Municipalities

Background: Glastonbury Town is home to 10,000 plus residents. It was the first council in the UK to ban herbicide use in its borough. It trialled Foamstream in 2015 and adopted it in 2016.

No. of machines: 1 MW-Series.

Areas treated: Town centre, cobbles and stone streets, residential areas, play parks, around school edges.

Previous methods used: Traditional herbicides.

How to choose an effective and economical herbicide-free alternative for your local borough.


  1. Duty of care upheld by the council to protect their residents and their workforce
  2. Council were concerned about the potential toxicity of herbicides
  3. Parents have growing concerns about the use of herbicides in public spaces and around their children
  4. Needed a solution safe for use around people, including children.
  5. Needed a financially viable solution in order to make the move away from herbicides.


How we helped

Foamstream was part of an introductory third party trial run by Glastonbury Council’s existing contractor which trialled the viability from a cost and efficacy perspective.

The trial included a combination of hand weeding and strimming and Foamstream.

Glastonbury found that Foamstream had the highest effectivity over the other methods but also from a cost perspective, despite the initial capital outlay, due to the ability to use Foamstream in all weathers, on any surfaces and for all weeds along with its high effectiveness of the immediately visibly results and the lack of regrowth on areas treated by Foamstream, it become the overriding winner out of the alternative options trialled.

Against Glyphosate, Foamstream also stood out in terms of not having the restriction of only being able to treat in the perfect weather conditions or when the public were not around.

The benefits Glastonbury saw immediately were the slow regrowth and the immediate die off of vegetation and as a result chose to move forwards with purchasing Foamstream and using it in their town.

With the results analysed it was clear that Foamstream came in 900% cheaper than the manual approach as well as being a faster and more effective method of weed control.


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